What’s the Best Way to Improve Customer Service? Our Take…

I was very pleased to be included in the OneReach Customer Service Report, asking 63 Influencers: What’s the #1 way to improve customer service? You can see my response highlighted below:


We may be a little biased, but I was one of the 6 influencers who focused on the need to provide great service across all channels. After all, this is a key part of both our DigiDesk and CSAT Central applications.

Within DigiDesk, we are really looking to improve the customer experience by joining up cross-channel conversations. Our platform already enables agents to transfer a social customer to email or web chat.

But, Version 2 goes even further by opening up a transition to voice! Yep, an agent can now send a private message via Twitter of Facebook, with a phone number to call and a unique 4 digit code.

When that call comes in (with the correct code), a new ‘voice mention’ is created and we automatically load in the social conversation history. We even attribute social authority, sentiment and priority scores to the voice mention.

Imagine agents answering voice calls, knowing that the caller has 50,000 followers on Twitter… Or, that their last posts all related to an issue with product X. How’s that for a joined up customer journey?

It’s a great example of how we are constantly looking to find new ways to improve the delivery of social customer service. Please do get in touch with us via our contact form to discuss further and arrange a demo.

Now… we’re not saying that this is the only way to improve customer service as a whole! So, we’ve included OneReach’s full infographic below to show what the other 62 influencers thought:


The full article from OneReach is available here: http://www.onereach.com/blog/?p=1922